Tired of not being able to sleep at night? Does depression, erectile dysfunction or headaches become your day to day? No need to go through the operating room. Oxygen therapy concentrator become the best remedy to treat sleep apnea. Take air. We’ll explain why! According to recent studies about 4% of the American population suffers from this problem, a problem that is more present among the population over 40 years old and specifically more in men than in women.


We want to talk to you about oxygen therapy, a quick and effective solution that will make your nights and those of your partner lighter! The Obstructive Sleep Apnea Syndrome (OSAS) is caused by the total obstruction to the passage of air in the patient’s upper airway during certain phases of sleep, causing a sense of suffocation that makes us wake up constantly and therefore we can not rest as it should. But, what would happen if we contribute to our lungs all that oxygen that we lack through an external route?

Other exclusive features of each model of oxygen therapy


  • Temperature control,
  • Ease of use,
  • Automatic leak compensation and mechanized start-stop.


The use of external oxygen for the treatment of sleep apnea is very positive and it facilitates rest, although if our lung disease becomes obstructive to a great extent, both during the day and at night, then it would be advisable to submit to a more rigorous medical study.

However, we must take into account some advice when using a mechanical device while we sleep: –


  • It is important to avoid the contact of the concentrator with cigarettes or flames since this is a highly flammable object.
  • Although sleep apnea worries us, we should not run. The first thing is to turn on the machine, and once started, turn on the oxygen; otherwise a sudden spark could ignite the oxygen.
  • The concentrator should only have one flow valve. Having a unidirectional valve will prevent oxygen from flowing back into the machine.


Of course, the use of oxygen concentrators is an immediate solution to alleviate sleep apnea and put an end to those long nights of torture in which it is impossible for us to sleep.

In addition, RT specialist will deliver them at very affordable prices and within reach of all pockets. If what you want is to find the rest necessary for optimal health and well-being, there is no doubt that oxygen therapy are the best fighters against sleep apnea.